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  • Jukka Wong

5 Tips to Make Your Small Apartment Unit Bigger and Neat

Living in the city center, we are all familiar with both the charm and challenges of small unit spaces. But when the space done well, we can still go back to a home of Zen. But often when you have to cramp all your favorites into one tiny space, the result can feel cramp and overwhelming. Here are 5 tips to make your small space look bigger, increasingly multi-functional, and tidy, all at the same time:-

1. Storage, storage, storage!

Adding a partition to separate the space of an open-layout is a clever way to maximize storage and give yourself a little privacy. See-through styles always tend to emphasize space, but not it is not as effective if you wish to have more storage.

2. Maximize kitchen area with a full-height cabinet or extension

With the existing built-in kitchen, it will be enough if you are a non-cook or hardly cook. If you enjoy home-cooked food and have plenty of vacant overhead space, plan a tall cupboard. It is a great way to keep your electronics, cooking pots, also dried and preserved food to ensure long-term supplies organized.

3. Long island serves as a dining table

Sometimes it’s not about how much space there is but what you do with space. Any island can be used for dining as long as it has seats and an overhang that allows those seats to tuck in for comfort. Look for seating with backs to enjoy long meals.

4. Opt for fixed furniture than loose furniture

A long mirror is a must for everyone. With the initial plan of getting a loose mirror, we suggested having a built-in mirror. It gives a tidy and neat overall look to space. We sneakily hid the mirror behind the sliding door gives the space a whole different feel.

5. Keep things in place

We always go frust with tangling jewellery. Always display commonly used items in a way that sparks joy. This custom build vanity table was custom made to fit her IKEA jewellery collection box. This insert keeps things in place and the glass tabletop gives a great overview.

With these 5 secret tips, it is time to put these into your renovation plan. Get connected with GoBuild who will be able to guide you in your home makeover. If you are looking to renovate soon, you can also request a free quote.

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