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  • Jukka Wong

How To Plan For House Renovation

House renovation will be a time and money consuming task if you started with the wrong step. This article provides you with insights and tips on how to handle your house renovation, avoid costly mistake down the road.

Planning – Pan out budget and time frame. Set a budget and at least reserve 20% as a contingency fund and future add-on. Always have a consensus on the project time frame with the contractor. Provide a deadline if any, let the contractor know the job needs to be completed 2 weeks before the deadline, says you need to move in before Hari Raya.

Engaging – There are two approaches when it comes to house renovation, either design & build contractor or specialised contractor such as electrical, plumber, carpentry and so on. Design and build contractor might come at a higher price but in return what they offer is a complete package from space planning, drawing, permit application, site setting out and site supervision. If you do not have sufficient time nor experience, engaging a design and build contractor is recommended.

When it comes to engaging a specialised contractor, factor in extra time to oversee each contractors' responsibility and task quality. In return, users can save up a big amount by engaging a specialised contractor.

Design - Always gather renovation ideas and concepts during planning, Instagram and Pinterest is a good way to start. Share your ideas and envision to the designer to match your expectation. And always have a look at vendor's portfolio and their capability.

Budget planning and control – There are multiple installation method and material when it comes to construction. For example, GoBuild plays with Natural Marble Stones, Artificial Quartz, Artificial Solid Surface, Porcelain Tiles or Cement Top when it comes to kitchen tabletop. Always find a balance point to meet your budget.

Black & White – Sign a contract with your selected vendors with term and condition listed out. Ask if you have any queries, a good contractor clarifies any unclear queries.

Construction Period – it is advisable to make site visits and meet up with the contractor and have an understanding of the progress of works. GoBuild implies this good practice of making site visits and updating work progress to the client.

Job Complete Inspection – Set up a site visit to review work quality done by the contractor such as sturdiness of tall cabinet, glue stains etc.

Engaging a good contractor is one of the best assurances of a renovation project. Contact GoBuild, when you need experienced contractors for your home or building project.

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