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  • Rebecca Wong

Studio Apartment Home Makeover in Muji Theme

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Whether you are getting started on your house makeover or saving design makeover ideas for your future home, take a look at our completed Muji-themed style project that combines practicality, aesthetics, and quality. Sometimes all you need is some inspiration to get your dream home come true, we can't wait to share to you more here!

Invest in wooden elements

Always be generous and keep the wooden and bold colors as accents. Check out how we use lighter wooden elements that add a soft touch to the space and also wooden flooring to completely lean into the minimalist vibe.

Well placed built in carpentry and furniture

See how the clean and uncluttered layout brings out the spacious feel. It also creates a calm space that brings the essence of a Muji-inspired home. We even introduced sufficient storage spaces to keep the exterior very clean and uncluttered!

Clean-cut and visually simple furniture and home decor

An earthy sofa, cabinets, and wooden built-in bring a sense of peace and balance with the simple, clean, and uncomplicated furniture.

Feeling inspired? Save it for future or bring a taste of Japanese realness into your space now. When it comes to your house makeover plans, our team at Gobuild is ready to help you realise your dream. See more of our house makeover projects here.


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