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  • Jukka Wong

6 Hidden Costs when it comes to Renovation (and How to Avoid Them!)

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The last thing you want when it comes to home renovation is a higher price tag than the contractor’s initial bid. Home renovation does not happen often, and this makes a better reason why we should plan ahead and have the best completed renovation. Here, GoBuild has listed some issues that you should take into consideration before embarking on this journey.

1. Appliances Measuring for Fit

What comes in your mind when you wish to upgrade our kitchen space - upgrading of electrical items! It does not matter whether you are having a major renovation or an upgrade of kitchen space, it still involves new electrical appliances to be install. It is common to see scenarios where newly bought electrical appliances are unable to fit into the renovated space. Thus, we find that it is important to communicate with your contractor on the measurement of newly bought electrical equipment as early as the planning stage for space allocation and avoid unnecessary reconstruction costs. Here is some important appliances measurement that you must not miss - kitchen hob, fridge, oven, and TV.

2. Poor Workmanship

The temptation to choose a contractor who provides you the cheapest quote happens to most of us. When it comes to selecting your contractor, be mindful of the material selected, and workmanship quality. You get what you pay for and poor workmanship leads to construction defects. This is generally where owners could face the situation of forking out an extra amount to re-do defects and labor fees. Make strides to avoid the hidden cost, look for a renovation company that provides you with affordable pricing and good workmanship.

3. Accident Damages

They can be expensive to fix when renovation accidents happen. There are always risks of fire damages, electrical damages, or even human injuries, regardless of the scale of your renovation project. Most of us do not aware that in Malaysia, authorities provide insurance coverage package that is chargeable one time only e.g. Contractor’s All Risk and Workmen Compensation. Always consult your consultant or renovator on having this insurance coverage, alternatively, you may consult your preferred insurance company for assistance.

4. Local Authority Permits and High-rise Building Management Permits

All necessary permits must be obtained before the commencement of physical works when it comes to your renovation project. If you are planning to makeover your condominium, register for the renovation permit and paying a refundable renovation deposit to the management. As for landed houses that involve major demolition and rebuilt, the procedure is more complicated with the requirement of local authority permits, Architect Construction Drawing approval, Hoarding Drawing (if any), and so on. Make strides to avoid the complicated permit works, get your contractor to deal with it to save time and expedite the process.

5. Finding a Short-Term Rental

You are embarking on a major home renovation that leaves your home temporarily unlivable, you need temporary housing for a short-term stay, albeit for three weeks or three months. When figuring out where to stay during your home renovation, have a consensus with your renovator on the deadline. Any delay in work completion could force extended stay and unbudgeted rental funds.

GoBuild always ensures that our customer does not incur unnecessary expenses and hereby, identified the potential hidden costs that you should take note of before renovating. Whether you want to makeover your entire unit or simply upgrade a space or two, the team at GoBuild Interior & Fitout can make your perfect home comes true based on your needs.

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